The Roadmap For Building A Business With Heart
April 2017
A business with heart need not be a large corporation with a strong CSR outreach program; it can be a startup that has an embedded purpose to do good.
UAE Public Policy Forum 2017 - Proceeding Report
April 2017
This year, the MBRSG launched its first UAE Public Policy Forum as a part of our strategy to facilitate knowledge sharing across government and our mission to advance good public governance through research production and best practice dissemination.
Lack of awareness on proper nutrition, food and amount of foods
March 2017
According to statistics from the First United States National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, schoolchildren/youth aged between 10 and 18 in the UAE are said to be more obese than those in the US. A World Health Organisation (WHO) report has classified the UAE as the second highest for o...
Cybercrime and the Digital Economy in the GCC Countries
March 2017
This document summarizes the discussions that took place during the ‘Cybercrime and the Digital Economy in the GCC Countries’ workshop on 26 March 2017 in Dubai, UAE. The workshop was co-hosted by the International Security Department at Chatham House and the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Governm...
Paying for Education in Dubai: Is it really worth it
March 2017
​Concerns from parents in Dubai about the rising cost of school fees are becoming increasingly common. In response, private education providers argue that their tuition fees have only risen in accordance with guidelines set by authorities that allow an increase of up to 6.5% if annual inspection...
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